I am the father of the art movement Abstract Realism


Abstract Realism is the art of abstracting a real memory, picture, or object but not so far that it cannot be recognized for what the original “model” started as..

Abstract Realism allows for the viewer of the piece to put him or herself in the scene or imagery in a way that doesn’t restrict the viewer’s to a single location or time in their life. It allows the artist to display the “model” in a light that can be seen as something unique to each individual that views the piece.

J.V. Errichetti while under the artistic training of Joan Moment started the Abstract Realism movement at California State University Sacramento in 1998.

Artist in the Abstract Realism genre include: J.V. Errichetti “Father of Abstract Realism”

J.V. Errichetti was a name I called myself when I was an artist actively.  I don’t paint anymore but I may start again just for fun.


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