My Personal Ethics Code

Do not do things that you know are harmful to the planet earth.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Treat the Earth and all that dwell therein with respect.

Human beings are supposed to be the guardians of all life and the earth not the masters of it.

Remain close to God.

Show great respect for your fellow beings.

Work together for the benefit of all Mankind.

Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.

Do what you know to be right.

Look after the well-being of Mind and Body.

Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater Good.

Be truthful and honest at all times.

Take full responsibility for your actions.

Do not blame problems you have created on others.

Take responsibility for the problems you have caused.

Blame the person that caused the problem not the most convenient.

Report harmful lawbreakers to the proper authorities.

Educate yourself about upcoming elections and laws that require a vote and then vote.

The only vote wasted is the one not cast.

Vote for the candidate that best aligns with your personal ideals.

Do not purposely cause mental anguish on any person or animal.

Do not destroy others objects out of spite.

Listen to storytellers.

Do not test a scholar unduly.

Emulate things that are positive.

Do not pretend to be someone you’re not with the intent to steal that person’s identity and/or lives work.

Do what makes you happy but remember that sometimes you have to do things that you do not like for the good of the community.

Educate yourself about upcoming elections and laws that require a vote and then vote.

The only vote wasted is the one not cast.

Vote for the candidate that best aligns with your personal ideals.

Listen to those you admire, but weigh what they say with prudence.

To love others those that do not but try.

Do not hate others that truly love you.

Plan for the future but celebrate each new day as a gift.
Do not blame or punish the messenger.

Do not allow the messenger to leave empty handed.

Give the messenger safe passage, food, and income to return with the response if all resources have been depleted. If no response is needed invite the messenger into your camp or allow them to leave with the resources needed to return.

Spies are to be prosecuted to the full and highest extent of the law.

Moderation with food, herbs, spices, vegetables, grains, fruits, meats, and drink is the key to a healthy life.

Never deny a pregnant woman nutritious food. She is carrying a God in her womb from point of fetal self consciences.

There is no such thing as taking chemical drugs in moderation as chemical drugs are not natural and should only be used in extreme circumstances.

Torture in any form is never acceptable.

Inflicting constant mental anguish is considered torture.

Techniques that simulate potential death is considered torture.

The goal of education should be to raise the student to a higher level of knowledge and not to restrict the student to the lowest level as not to insult the remedial students.

Psychiatry is a study of medicine not a practice.

Spirits for consumption should be limited to wine, beer, and cider.

Do not respect those that hate or cause problems out of jealousy or fear.

Dance in your own way at least once a week.

Those under the age of eighteen should not dance in a purposely-sexual manner.

Do not punish someone for telling the truth.

Try to lead through example.

Do not purposely embarrass others with the intent to harm or defame them to benefit you.

Pick a noble cause and defend it.

Do not oppress the weak.

Do not harass or stalk.

Do not speak derogatorily of others out of fear, spite, or jealousy.

Do not take revenge on those that did not intentionally harm you.
Do not hold a grudge if the offender has sincerely apologized and you accepted the apology.

Apologize for your mistakes and make amends for the damage you have caused.

Do not take responsibility for another’s mistakes.

Take responsibility for your own mistakes.

War should only be the final option when all other options have been exhausted.

Do not attempt to love thy enemy during wartime until they concede.

Never ask another to die for your cause if you are not willing to die for it yourself.

Memorize lives basics in your own way.

To honor those who teach and understand.

Realize that no one person or thing is greater than the whole.

No person can own another person.

Do not follow the whims of your heart or what your eyes see, but what you know to be truth.

Do not blame problems you have created on society.

Do not make one person or thing your God.

You are a part of God as so are others, but you are not another’s God and they are not yours.

Together all things are all God.

Do not frequent places or cities that go against your ideals with the intention that you will change them.

When frequenting foreign cities or places respect the culture.

Profit is not to be the goal of any business but the byproduct of a successful one.

Pay for the work you have commissioned.

Do not hire someone with the intent not to pay him or her.

Give acknowledgment to the person that has done the work.

Do not withhold payment for work done.

Do not steal another’s ideas.

Pay the person that has created the concept or idea if you are paid.

Do not trick another into doing your work.

Do not force others to like something just because you do.

Do not love a person because of the message they bring, love the message and the messenger separately for what they are.

One person can have the answer.

Do not believe everything you hear, but consider it.

Do not lie.

Do not lie to prove your point.

Do not purposely lead someone to believe lies to benefit yourself at their expense.

Withholding information when someone is in danger, to defame them, or to make them look the fool is the same as a lie.

Do not be afraid to walk away from things you know are lies.

No one person knows all the facts if they where not present at the event.

One person can know all the facts in association with their life experiences.

You can have a higher understanding then others when in association with your life experiences.

Do not blame your children for your problems or let them take the blame for your mistakes.

Children should be asked once a year about what they want to do when they grow up until the age of 18.
Do not interject unscrupulous or fraudulent advertisements into people’s beliefs.

Do not try to distract from what is important to others.

Realize what is important and it is rarely an object.

Do not have sex with someone because of his or her stature in society.

Love them because of who they are not who they say they are.

Do not let vagrants and leaches in your life.

Do not glorify the vagrant’s way of life.

Do not be superstitious.

No one can see the future, but it can be predicted by looking at history.

Anyone can change his or her own future.

A person can erroneously rewrite history, but you cannot divert destiny.

Astrology is for fun.

Horoscopes are for fun.

Chanting is for meditation purposes only.

Magic is not real. It is for fun.

Witchcraft is not real.

Do not hurt yourself.

Do not hurt others.

If you hurt someone tell him or her why you are sorry without blaming him or her.

If someone asks your forgiveness, listen to them and feel free to let them know how their actions made you feel. Then accept their apology and move on but do not forget your interaction so the same mistake will not be repeated.

Do not trick someone with the intent to make him or her look like a fool.

Try to think about something nice everyday.

Each person should have a favorite memory.

Be thankful for things you have.

Do not give gifts that you know will hurt the receiver.

Try to take one day off a week to relax.

Do not force anyone to take a day off.

Use proper hygiene.

Do not try to control another person by keeping them from food, shelter, sex, or clothing.

Marriage is the union of two peoples not just a man and women.

Marriage is sacred and should not be entered into without due consideration.

No person should marry before the age of twenty-one years.

If a couple is considering having a child they should consider adoption before making a conscious decision to have a child.

Celebrate each new life as special.

Homosexuals should abstain from conceiving children but should not be restricted from adoption.

Abortion of a human fetus should not be considered by a man or a woman past seven days from conception unless the mother’s life is in danger with continuing with the pregnancy.

When aborting a fetus the thoughts of the mother and father of the new life must be considered.

If the mother of a new life is not wed or no plans to wed the father are intended then the decision to carry the child to term days is hers to make.

Celebrate birthdays.

Do not celebrate any one life as more special than another.

Do not have sex with people you do not like.

Love and sex is not the same thing.

An adult having sex with a person under the age of thirteen is considered a capital offense.

Do not have sexual relations with a member of your family within 4 generations.

Do not have sexual relations with an animal.

Do not pass your fetishes on to your children.

Do not force another into marriage.

Celebrate anniversaries of love and marriage.

Children should be the bi-product of love, not just the product of a union.

Make time each day when the entire family can come together (when possible).

In the case of a child purposely causing a minor problem restrict them from activities they enjoy as punishment for no more than seven days.

If need be to strike a child for punishment do not spank him or her more than three times and only with a open hand on the buttocks.

After punishing a child or young adult remember to tell them why what they did was wrong and why they where punished.

Do not display images that are sexual in nature of anyone less than eighteen years of age.

Do not make pleasurable (sexual) contact with anyone less than eighteen years of age.

Young adults between the ages of thirteen through seventeen should refrain from forms of physical affection other than hugging and kissing above the shoulders.

The parents of a child should explain sexual emotions when the child reaches thirteen years of age.

Do not make forceful (sexual) contact with anyone.

When adults make consensual pleasurable contact with each other and they do not intend to create a child they should where a condom.

Adulterous relationships breaks the trust of both partners in a union, often beyond repair, and should not be considered.

Examine food for things that may be harmful before preparing it.

Do not eat after you are full.

Do not eat raw animal flesh except that of certain fish.

Eat raw vegetables.

Eat raw fruits.

Limit sugars and fats.

Treat entrusted possessions with respect.

Do not retain human remains for the purpose of worship.

Treat the deceased with the respect that all things deserve.

Treat all deceased humans with the proper disposal techniques that are required by law.

Do not plant diverse seeds together.

Do not plant grains or greens in a vineyard.

Do not crossbreed animals.

Leave a corner of the field uncut for the workers.

Do not pick premature food from vines or trees.

Properly remove rotting fruit from vines and trees.

Harvest the entire crop.

Give to charity if it can be afforded.

Do not withhold charity from the poor.

Use redemption money for food, drink, shelter, and medical expenses first.

Do not take advantage of someone when they are distraught.

Do not take advantage of someone’s good nature.

Stand up for yourself if you know you are being wronged.

Rest the land during the seventh year by not doing any work, which enhances growth.

Do not expect to see profit in your first year as a new business.

Do not interfere or impede the natural progress of nature.

No mortgage loan should exceed 30 years

No personal loan should exceed 7 years

Do not make loans that cannot be repaid with the intent to put the borrower into servitude.

Do not pressure or claim from the borrower after seven years.

Do not refrain from lending immediately before the release of the loans for fear of monetary loss.

Pay your taxes.

Tax an equal percentage for every person.

Do not over tax one to compensate for another.

Tax should not be more than 13% to cover all governmental funding.

No item should be taxed more than once per sale.

Tax should only be collected at the time of a purchase.

Inheritance should not be taxed.

Do not withhold payment or refunds with the intent to change another’s opinion.

Do not knowingly buy stolen goods.

Show reverence for all around you and what you do not understand.

Do not do someone else’s job out of fear that you will be blamed.

Blame the responsible person not the most convenient.

Do not let any important task go idle for more than 7 days.

No one is expected to do more than they can.

Do not take synthetic drugs for pleasure.

Natural medications should be used before the use of synthetic drugs.

Unprocessed organic matter and plants cannot be criminalized.

Record community members’ names for prosperity.

Wash your hands before eating.

Do not be afraid to use spices with food, but remember what works.

Write down recipes for meals you enjoy.

Use recipes when unfamiliar with a food.

Vary from the recipe if you have prepared it before.

Do not eat someone else’s food if it was not offered to you.

Do not deny a hungry person with good intentions food.

Hold celebrations of life, for those no longer with us, and for those to come.

Do not eat food if you are not hungry.

Preserve foods that are not to be eaten immediately.

Try to bring something positive to each new day.

Do not steal.

Return a stolen object.

Local courts implement punitive measures against any criminal not the Community members.

Federal courts implement punitive measures against any criminal not the Community members when in relation to Federal crimes.

Each individual must ensure that his scales and weights are accurate.

Not to commit injustice with scales and weights.

Do not con anyone.

Do not possess inaccurate scales and weights even if they are not for use.

Do not move a boundary marker to steal someone’s property.

Do not kidnap.

Do not cheat.

Do not withhold wages or purposely fail to repay a debt.

Repay your debts in a timely fashion.

If you cannot make payment on time for a debt make arrangements with the creditor for a amicable solution.

Do not covet and scheme to acquire another’s possession.

Do not desire another’s possession.

Return the robbed object or its value.

Do not ignore a lost object.

Return a found object.

The scales of justice must weigh equally for the rich, the destitute, and all those in between.

The spirit of the law must be considered before the letter of the law.

Do not murder.

Do not hire others to murder.

Do not accept monetary restitution to atone for the murderer.

Do not to accept monetary restitution instead of seeing justice served.

Do not kill the murderer before he stands trial.

If someone is being attacked help them get away from the attacker even at the cost of injuring or killing the attacker.

If you are being physically attacked, first try to get away, if that is not possible defend yourself no matter the gender of the attacker.

Do not to pity the pursuer with malice in their heart.

Not to stand idly by if someone’s life is in danger.

Try to brush and floss your teeth twice a day.

Make sure the land is safe for all that walk on it.

Make a guardrail around flat roofs.

Help others with there work when distraught.

Do not leave others distraught with their burdens, but to help either load or unload.

Not to overcharge or underpay for an article.

Not to insult or harm anybody with words that has not injured you.

Not to send a worker away empty-handed.

The worker must not take more than they can eat from the field in addition to their pay.

Lend to the poor and destitute.

Do not to press for more payment than the borrower can afford.

Press the wealthy for payment.

The creditor must not forcibly take collateral.

Do not lend with interest to a community member.

Do not borrow with interest from a community member.

Do not borrow from idolaters with interest.

Lend to idolaters with interest.

Decide by majority in case of disagreement.

No person will take blame if forced to commit a crime.

Not to pervert justice.

Not to use laws or the legal system to unjustly control someone.

Not to accept bribes.

Do not hate someone because they have something you want.

Any person that knows evidence must testify in court.

Carefully interrogate the witness as to not cause harm.

A witness must not serve as a judge in capital crimes. The proper authorities handle that.

Do not judge others unless you are willing to be judged.

People that purposely lie about an incident may not be trusted in association with the incident in question.

The spouse of the litigant must not be forced to testify but may if willing.

Do not allow another to take the punishment for your crime.

Exercise is important and should be performed daily on some level.

Enjoying your job should not be frowned upon.

No legal contract is binding if both parties are not completely aware of the verbiage and/or the meaning of the words used.

No contract can be made and/or be binding for unknown, unaware, or unsuspected circumstances.

No contract is binding if all parties are not aware that a contract has been made.

No contract is binding if one party changes the verbiage after it has been signed and all parties are not aware of the changes.

Going beyond your expectations should not be frowned upon.

If you would be embarrassed to do it in front of (insert name of favorite person) then do not do it.

Do not embellish stories to prove your point unless it is known you are telling a fable.

Falsely and purposely accusing someone of a crime they did not commit weighs as heavy as committing the crime itself.

Not reporting a crime that was committed weighs as heavy as the crime itself.

Protect your family and do not cause internal pain.

Respect your father or mother if they have your best interests at heart.

Listen to your parents and weigh what they say evenly.

Respect your children.

Listen to your children and weigh what they say evenly.

Take time to mourn the loss of a friend or loved one, but remember life goes on and so must you.

When mourning for relatives and loved ones celebrate the good they have taught you.

No person should earn more than 10 times that of the lowest paid person.

No person should perform the same role for more than seven years without advancement or enjoyment in his or her role.

Do not dwell permanently in a location, city, or town that goes against your beliefs.

Make sure there is a proper waste facility within proximity but not in living or eating quarters.

Each person should have access to any tools that they are deemed responsible to use.

If you have something good happen to you, you are allowed to be happy about it.

Do not give up on a task to quickly if it is significant to you.

Do not put any person in servitude after having sex with them.

Forgive those that try with the good intentions.

Forgive yourself if you tried with the good intentions.

If you do not understand something then ask what they mean.

Everyone deserves a second chance for sincere mistakes.

Premeditated offenses are not considered mistakes.

Use common sense. That being if you would not like it done to you, then do not do it to someone else.

If you are going to live in heaven, treat God’s home with respect.

There are many ways and religions to honor God but only one true God.

Be free to dream of a better world for us and generations to come.

Let people speak for themselves and fight their own battles unless they ask for your help and you agree with their cause.

Don’t force another to live by your ideals.

100+ Character Qualities

ACCOUNTABILITY: Being answerable to God and at least one other person for my behavior.

ALERTNESS: Being keenly aware of the events taking place around me so that I can have the right responses to them.

AMENDS (Repentance): Humbly acknowledging how you have fallen short of God’s standard and seeking His forgiveness to make things right.
ATTENTIVENESS: Showing the worth of a person or task by giving my undivided concentration and effort.

AUTHENTICITY: Being exactly who you claim to be with honesty and transparency.

AVAILABILITY: Making my own schedule and priorities secondary to the wishes of those I serve.

BENEVOLENCE: Giving to others’ basic needs without expectations of personal reward.

BOLDNESS: Demonstrating the confidence and courage that doing what is right will bring ultimate victory regardless of present opposition.

BONDING: Connecting with one another in an authentic way, avoiding unhealthy isolation.

BOUNDARIES: Creating a “safe place” or limitations that protect me from potentially unmanageable temptation.

BREADTH: Having depth and broadness, in words and deeds, within the heart and mind.

BROTHERLINESS: Exhibiting a kinship and disposition to render help because of a relationship.

CANDOR: Speaking the truth at the time when the truth should be spoken.

CAUTION: Knowing to be alert in a hazardous or dangerous situation.

CHEERFUL: Expressing encouragement, approval or congratulations at the proper time.

CHIVALRY: Protecting the weak, the suffering and the neglected by maintaining justice and rightness.

COMMITMENT: Devoting myself to following up on my words (promises, pledges or vows) with action.

COMPASSION: Investing whatever is necessary to heal the hurts of others by the willingness to bear their pain.

CONFIDENCE: Placing full trust and belief in the reliability of a person or thing.
CONSISTENCY: Following constantly the same principles, course or form in all circumstances; holding together.

CONTENTMENT: Accepting myself as God created me with my gifts, talents, abilities and opportunities.

COURAGE: Fulfilling my responsibilities and standing up for convictions in spite of being afraid.

CREATIVITY: Approaching a need, a task or an idea from a new perspective.

DECISIVENESS: Learning to finalize difficult decisions on the basis of what is right, not on what’s popular or tempting.

DEFERENCE: Limiting my freedom to speak and act in order to not offend the tastes of others.

DEPENDABILITY: Fulfilling what I consented to do even if it means unexpected sacrifice.

DETERMINATION: Working intently to accomplish goals regardless of the opposition.

DILIGENCE: Visualizing each task as a special assignment and using all my energies to accomplish it.

DISCERNMENT: Seeking to use intuitive ability to judge situations and people; understanding why things happen to me and others.

DISCIPLINE: Receiving instruction and correction in a positive way; maintaining and enforcing proper conduct in accordance with the guidelines and rules.
DISCRETION: Recognizing and avoiding words, actions and attitudes which could result in undesirable consequences.

ENDURANCE: Exercising inward strength to withstand stress and do my best in managing what occurs in my life.
ENTHUSIASM: Expressing lively, absorbing interest in each task as I give it my best effort.

FAIRNESS (EQUITY): Looking at a decision from the viewpoint of each person involved.

FAITH: Developing an unshakable confidence in God and acting upon it.

FAITHFULNESS: Being thorough in the performance of my duties; being true to my words, promises and vows.

FEAR OF THE LORD: Having a sense of awe and respect for Almighty God which goes above and beyond anyone or anything else.
FIRMNESS: Exerting a tenacity of will with strength and resoluteness. A willingness to run counter to the traditions and fashions of the world.

FLEXIBILITY: Learning how to cheerfully change plans when unexpected conditions require it.

FORGIVENESS: Clearing the record of those who have wronged me and not holding their past offenses against them.

FRIENDSHIP: Coming alongside another person for mutual support and encouragement.
GENEROSITY: Realizing that all I have (time, talents and treasures) belongs to God and freely giving to benefit others.

GENTLENESS: Learning to respond to needs with kindness, personal care and love.

GLADNESS: Abounding in joy, jubilation and cheerfulness.

GOAL-ORIENTED: Achieving maximum results toward the area where my effort is directed.
GOODNESS: Having moral excellence and a virtuous lifestyle; a general quality of proper conduct.

GRATEFULNESS: Making known to others by my words and actions how they have benefited my life.

GREATNESS: Demonstrating an extraordinary capacity for achievement.

HOLINESS: Being whole with no blemish or stain.

HONESTY: Proclaiming the truth with sincerity and frankness in all situations.
HONOR: Respecting those in leadership because of the higher authorities they represent.

HOPE: Feeling that my deepest desire will be realized and that events will turn out for the best.
HOSPITALITY: Sharing cheerfully food, shelter and life with those with whom I come in contact.

HUMILITY: Seeing the contrast between what is perfect and my inability to achieve that perfection.
INDIGNATION: Channeling the driving passion of righteous anger without sinning.

INITIATIVE: Recognizing and doing what needs to be done before I am asked to do it.

INTEGRITY: Being whole and complete in moral and ethical principles.
JOYFULNESS: Choosing to be pleasant regardless of outside circumstances, which ultimately lifts the spirits of others.

JUSTICE: Taking personal responsibility to uphold what is pure, right and true.

KINDNESS: Demonstrating a gentle, sympathetic attitude towards others.

KNOWLEDGE: Becoming acquainted with facts, truths or principles through study and investigation.
LEADERSHIP: Guiding others toward a positive conclusion.

LOVE: Having a deep personal attachment and affection for another person.
LOYALTY: Using difficult times to demonstrate my commitment to others or to what is right.

MEEKNESS: Yielding my power, personal rights and expectations humbly with a desire to serve.

NARROWNESS: Staying within established boundaries and limits.

NURTURE: Caring for the physical, mental and spiritual needs of others.

OBEDIENCE: Fulfilling instructions so that the one I am serving will be fully satisfied and pleased.

OPTIMISM: Confident, hopeful and never doubtful.

ORDERLINESS: Learning to organize and care for personal possessions to achieve greater efficiency.

ORIGINALITY: Creating “new” thinking, ideas and expanding truths from an independent viewpoint.

PASSIONATE: Having an intense, powerful or compelling emotion and feelings towards others or something.

PATIENCE: Accepting difficult situations and without demanding a deadline to remove it.

PEACEFUL: Being at rest with myself and others.

PERSEVERANCE: A continuing effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure and opposition.
PERSUASIVENESS: Guiding another’s mental roadblocks by using words which cause the listener’s spirit to confirm the spoken truth.

POISE: Being totally balanced in mind, body and spirit.

PRAYERFUL: Communing with God spiritually through adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication.

PROSPERITY: Flourishing or being successful, especially pertaining to financial issues.

PRUDENCE: Exhibiting caution, humbleness and wisdom in regards to practical matters.
PUNCTUALITY: Showing respect for other people by respectfully using the limited time they have.

PURE SPEECH: Speaking words that are clean, spotless and without blemish.

PURITY: Freeing yourself from anything that contaminates or adulterates.

PURPOSEFUL: Exercising determination to stay on track until the goal is achieved.
REASONABLENESS: Having a sound mind by being level headed, sane and demonstrating common sense.

RENEWAL: Restoration of strength through recovery and replenishment.

RESOURCEFULNESS: Using wisely that which others would normally overlook or discard.

RESTORATION: Getting a fresh start, or new beginning.

RESPECT: Honoring and esteeming another person due to deep admiration.

RESPONSIBILITY: Knowing and doing what is expected from me.

REVERENCE: Giving honor where it is due and respecting the possessions and property of others.

RIGHTEOUSNESS: Acting in a moral and upright way that honors God, regardless of who is watching.
SECURITY: Structuring my life around what is eternal and cannot be destroyed or taken away.

SELF-CONTROL: Bringing my thoughts, words, actions and attitudes into constant obedience in order to benefit others.
SENSITIVITY: Being aware and attentive to the true attitudes and emotional needs of those around me.

SERVANTHOOD: Caring for and meeting the needs of others before caring for myself.

SINCERITY: Endeavoring to do what is right, without ulterior motives.

STEWARDSHIP: Administering and managing personal and financial affairs effectively.

STRENGTH: Having power, force and vigor for the task assigned.

SURRENDER: Yielding to the authority, guidance and direction of God in my life.

TEACHABILITY: Demonstrating a willingness to learn or be trained without any reservations or hindrances.

THANKFULNESS: Expressing deep gratitude and appreciation to people and to God.
THOROUGHNESS: Executing something perfectly with the realization that each of my tasks will be reviewed.

THOUGHTFULNESS: Showing consideration for others through acts of kindness and/or words.

THRIFTINESS: Preventing myself or others from spending money unnecessarily.

TOLERANCE: Learning to accept others as valuable individuals regardless of their maturity.

TRANSPARENCY: Allowing others to shine a light on my life for the purpose of being accountable.

TRUTHFULNESS: Earning future trust by accurately reporting past facts.

TRUST or TRUSTWORTHY: Believing completely and totally in someone or something.

UNDERSTANDING: Exhibiting strong intelligence and a sound mind in comprehending and discerning matters.

UNSTOPPABLE: The freedom to perform at your highest level without any restraints.
VIRTUE: Building personal moral standards which will cause others to desire a greater moral life.

VISIONARY: Dreaming not inhibited by the unknown. Looking beyond problems by creating successful solutions.

VULNERABILITY: Being open to receive constructive criticism and guidance.

WISDOM: Learning to see and respond correctly to life situations with keen judgment; the application of knowledge.
WORSHIP: Honoring God reverently.